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Today, the NCUA Board adopted a final rule on capital planning and stress testing for the largest credit unions, despite diligent efforts on the part of CUNA and several leagues to have the rule pulled. The Board issued a proposed rule regarding associati more>

Consumer Trust Threatened by Fraud

Payment fraud is on the rise. This is not surprising considering the more recent adoption and increasing proliferation of new and alternative payment channels in the market. It is basic mathematics; the more channels available, the more opportunities avai more>

Six Tips to Prevent Workplace Fraud and Theft

Whether itís downloading and sharing confidential company information or manipulating expense reports, employee theft and fraud is a serious issue for businesses. more>

E-Signatures Made Easy? Donít Complicate the Matter

Easy street, easy money, the Staples Easy Button, and even the Easy Bake Oven are all examples of things that consumers like because they are easy. If well-known adages and lasting brands tell us anything, it is that our minds gravitate toward anything th more>

Is the ACH the Best Path to Faster Payments?

NACHA recently issued a press release announcing initial steps towards same-day ACH. This is a second attempt at accelerating ACH payments. Rather than a ďbig bang,Ē this second attempt advocates a phased approach, inviting banks to invest in three projec more>

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